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Bowling, Events

Summerset National Singles and Pairs Tournament

Glen Eden Bowling Club welcomes all the players in the Summerset Nationals to AUckland, and a special kia ora to those of you playing in the games below at our club: 2/01/2023 Men's Pairs 3/01/2023 Women's Singles 4/01/2023 Men's Pairs Post Section 6/01/2023 Men's Singles 7/01/2023 Men's Singles 8/01/2023 Men's Singles Post Section If you… Continue reading Summerset National Singles and Pairs Tournament


Miriam Corban Blue Ribbon Tournament 2022

The Miriam Corban Blue Ribbon Tournament was the fourth charity event the club has held to bring together players, sponsors and supporters to help highlight important health issues for the community. The club held its annual fundraising event on Sunday 18th September under blue prostate sky and slight wind. As of 9:00am we had 16… Continue reading Miriam Corban Blue Ribbon Tournament 2022