Bowls3Five is the fast format of the game; it’s two bowl triples, with each game played over two sets, and each set consisting of five ends. There are three levels of competition so that everyone interested can have a go.  Depending on the competition you play in,  you can face a set number of ends, a shot clock, a tie breaker, a start time, (unlike the long format of the game) a finish time and potentially a tv crew!  Bowls 3 Five aims to fit into busy lifestyles of those finding themselves short on time but still wish to compete in sport and stay active or those who are stepping up to accept the challenge the shorter format provides.

The three different levels are – a social format for twilight competitions, a nationwide interclub competition and the inaugural Bowls 3 Five television league.

The rules

  1. Each team for a game shall consist of three players of any combination.
  2. Each player shall play with two bowls.
  3. Each game shall be played over two sets, each set consisting of five ends.
  4. The winner of a set will be the team with the highest number of shots after five ends.
  5. If the shots are tied at the end of five ends, the set will be a draw.
  6. If the game is tied at after the two sets have been completed (each team winning one set or each set drawn) a one end tie breaker shall be played to decide the winner of the game.
  7. At the beginning of the game the teams shall toss a coin, the winner of the toss shall decide which team shall go first.
  8. The winner of the first set shall have the mat and first bowl of the second set. If the first set is drawn then the winner of the last scoring end in that set shall have the mat and first bowl of the second set.
  9. In a tie-breaker situation the opposing skips shall toss a coin, the winner of the toss has the option as in 7 above.
  10. If the end is killed the jack shall be re-spotted on the 2 metre mark.

For more details keep checking this page or visit Bowls New Zealand.

News from Bowls NZ about 2019/20

Bowls3Five Live 2019

  • More teams (8)
  • More nights (every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • More weeks (8)
  • Competition starts on 22 October – Live on SKY Sport

National Bowls3Five Interclub 2019 (Open)

  • Clubs can enter as many teams as they wish (Mixed triples – 9 players per team)
  • Top four teams will playoff in May 2020 for the right to play in the Bowls3Five Live 2020 competition
  • Players from the winning club earn a New Zealand title (and a point toward a Bowls NZ Silver Star)

Bowls3Five Interclub Cup for Year 1-5 (Junior) Bowlers

  • Clubs can enter as many teams as they wish (Triples – 3 players per team | No gender restrictions)

Conditions of Play / Post-Section Draw

Scheduling changes

  • During his recent tour of the country, Bowls NZ CEO Mark Cameron was questioned several times by clubs regarding the possibility of playing a series of games among three or four clubs to determine the regional winner to progress to the next round of competition. This option is available to all clubs providing all teams involved are in agreement with the scheduling.

Additional information