Play the game

Our club caters to players of all abilities and levels of interest. If you’re a social bowler you can join one of in with the mates and bowls or speed bowls leagues we run. Those looking for a more traditional approach can come along to one of our Tuesdays or Thursday roll ups (see below). For full playing members you can get some pointers with coaching, then when you’re ready you can get involved in our club championships and inter-club tournaments.

Getting Started

If you’re new to the game have a look at Getting Started where you’ll find a great introduction to the rules and techniques of lawn bowls-including more videos like the one above-and come along and ask our members at the clubhouse who would be pleased to welcome you to the club. We have ample sets of social bowls that you’re welcome to use on our greens.

General Club Notes

  1. On Tuesdays and Thursday (except tournament days, Christmas and New Year and when greens are required for Championships) there will be mixed roll up, with winner’s prizes for the whole season.
  2. There will be 2 games of not less than 10 ends. Points will be allocated as 3 points for win, 2 points for a draw, and 1 point for a loss.
    Tuesday – names in by       10:15am       for a      10:30am start
    Thursday – names in by     10:15am       for a       10:30am start
  3. All roll ups may be played in mufti, unless playing on the same green as Championships. Please check in the book and ring the club if in doubt.
  4. Any member may practice in mufti, unless playing on the same green as Championships.
  5. Please protect our greens, wear correct footwear (this will be strictly enforced) and vary the mat length when not on scrims.

Where Reserve days for Championships are alongside Auckland rep days, allowances will be made for any player who is playing for Auckland or in post section of Auckland Championship

  1. Bowls to be valid must have 1982 or later NZBA Stamp, or the current NZBA Test Stamp imprinted.
  2. For Championships, club uniforms or colored bowling shirts will be permitted, providing the whole team are wearing the same color tops and bottoms.
  3. Midweek tournaments will not be in mufti.

More details: