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Easter Fours Tournament 2023

Firstly I would like to thank our sponsors, Graham Lintonbon and The Trusts.

Saturday April 8th  was day 1 of our Easter fours tournament.  The weather was playing ball and was lovely. It was a great start to the day with so many club members there helping get the greens ready, beer tent up and stocked, glasses and water out. It was fantastic with so many helping without being asked. 

Once the games started we had club members helping with lunch as well as some members daughters and then grand daughters and their friends. It was so good.

We had 22 team entries but one defaulted at the last minute so 21 teams took to the green

At the end of day 1 there was a mixed bag of results. We had 2 teams on 4 wins, 1 team on 3 1/2 wins. Down to 1 team having no wins.

Day 2 started the same as day 1 with all the helpers getting things ready again, its with their help that made this tournament was success. A big thank you to all the visiting teams that played and their offers of help. 

The results on Sunday were a surprise we ended up with only 1 team having 7 of 7 wins, so well done to Teo Titus’s team from Bridge Park.

2nd was Mae Taurus from Grey Lynn with 5 1/2 wins 47 ends and 93 pts.

Coming in 3rd it could not have got much closer were Adam Wishnoski from New Lynn with 5 1/2 wins 47 ends and 92 pts. So close.

4th was Kevin Morris, John Petelo, Jo McKenna and Keith Earl from Pt Chev with 5 wins 44 ends and 84 pts.

Best performing on the Saturday were Andy Ellis and team

Best performance on Sunday went to our own Sheila Tilyard, Christina Teiva, Dixie Copas, and Tee Ford.

It was a great weekend and looking forward to the next tournament.

Sharon, Bowls Chair