Winners 2021-22

Tuesday AggregateTed Scott
Thursday AggregateTed Scott
Vets SinglesRichard Salter
Vets PairsWayne Russell & Phil Metcalfe
Mens Champ SinglesMohe Tausinga
Women’s Champ SinglesJudy Raill
Men’s Champ PairsGraham Lintonbon & Rex McCarthy
Womens Champ PairsJudy Raill & Jenny Tough
Mens Champ TriplesMohe Tausinga, Andrew Harry, & Ephraima Teiva
Womens Champ TriplesJudy Raill, Jenny Tough, & Sandra Gwilliam
Mens Champ FoursSteve Boyce, Jeremy Brosnan, Jeff Tough, & Ivan Unkovich
Womens Champ 4’sJudy Raill, Jenny Tough, Teresa Cassidy, & Lyn Lopez
3D CupDean Mullins, Sandra Gwilliam, Sean Doran, & Sharon Stewart
Mixed PairsRob Shepherd & Tereapii T.T Ford.
Consistency SinglesSteve Tilton
1-5 Year SinglesSean Doran
1-5 Year PairsSean Doran and Steve “Catman” Catlin
Men’s Saturday InterclubPhil Aitken
Women’s Saturday InterclubLyn Lopez
Most Improved PlayerTereapii T T Ford
Most Improved Junior BowlerSean Doran
Gold Stars:Teresa Cassidy & Richard Salter
Gold Bars:Judy Raill 5 year bar & has 21 titles
Jenny Tough 5 year bar & has 36 titles
Sean Duran was the proud winner of a brand new trophy for the most improved Junior.
This trophy is in memory of Dean Mullins who passed away in January.
It was hand made and presented by Dean’s father Ross Mullins, using a block of Kauri and an old bowl.