Speed Bowls Pt II

Back, because you demanded it

Wednesday 8th August to 12th September

Open to anyone (social and members of other clubs included)

6:30pm start – 7.30pm finish – 6 Week Competition
Entry fee is $30.00 to be paid on the first night

Individual entry – the person you play with changes each week (by way of organiser doing the draw) / Up to 36 players, 18 teams (same people for 6 weeks or find your own substitute). Time limit of 1hr / One set of bowls to be used for each pairs team (players remain at one end of the rink for the duration of the game) / 4 bowls / Two ends of ‘Power Play’ (declared before the end is played) double your points for that end / Each person gets points for a win, draw & loss to find the overall winner at the conclusion of the competition.  The pairs team with the highest score for the night win a free drink at the bar.

TO ENTER: write your name on the board at the club, ring the club on 818 4532, or text Sharon 027 650 0009.